And Comes The Fourth Generation – part 9

When Bertha McGill arrived at Miriam House. She  refused to take the crummy side ‘maid’s room’  and  moved into the master bedroom.    She was, after all, the Bertha McGill.

She had carried a great deal of her stuff, and shoved much of the furniture that had come with the house into one of the side bedrooms.

She had her own ideas which usually conflicted with the Board. When the Board tried to by pass her,  she quit.

She quit and took over a week moving out of Miriam House.

When Bertha McGill left the premises,  the second mansion was empty and each room of the dorm had only one  tenant. Bertha had known that once the electricity use exceeded a limit, Miriam House would be charged more per kilowatt hour, which would negate the rental received.

As the Board learned from McGill’s short stint, that they could not abuse one of their own.  They decided to go outside the grid.  They  appointed Miss Cordelia Brown, who had been hired as the cleaner.

Brown had gotten the cleaner, then  matron position because of a sexual connection with one of the directors.

It was  Cordelia Brown  who would rent the second mansion to the teachers who utilised it for a school.

It was Cordelia Brown, who kept this fact unknown to the Board.


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