And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 52

Joe Rashford Grindley, sitting in the Matron’s flat at Miriam House,  searched his mother’s phone, looking for her contacts. Failing to  find what he needed, he asked Odette, the obstreperous helper, if she knew his mother’s lawyer.

She told him,  Annette Bicknal.

Joe  found the number, contacted the lawyer, asked about the Will.  He then  went to Bicknal’s office and learned the contents.

Selma had left almost everything to him; including some undeveloped land he hadn’t known about, and had named him beneficiary of her Insurance policy.

He did his numbers.

Considering how much he was out of pocket for the day and night nurses, (Uncle Don making only little pity packs every month), if his mother died  now, he’d not only recoup his expenses on the nurses and the medication, but have a tidy bundle.

Hes poke to Dr. Mary Parnel, a  member of the Board, an inquired what would happen if medication was withheld.

Mary was aware of the sentiments of Selma’s son, brother, the other Church members.

Firmly,  she told him that Selma should make that decision.


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Written by jaylar

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