And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 49

David  Rashford, son of Edward, father of Selma, knew nothing about business, cared nothing.   He squandered his fortune.

He spent a lot on his daughter when she was growing up.  He filled her with his belief that he, that they, that millionaires were better than other people.  David, as his breed, judged people by their bank balance.

Selma,  his daughter, drank his views with her mother’s milk.  Money was everything.

In her belief the money was endless, after her father died and she gained his shares in what was left of the businesses, she spent all she touched on what she desired.

If it was travel, or clothes or junk she thought was antiques, Selma spent money, and made none.

Selma,   the Third Generation, came into life with a sense of superiority based on nothing more than her Grandfather’s millions.  The Millions her father squandered.  The remnants of which, she squandered.

Her son, Joe, of the Fourth Generation, had no more fortune than a garbage collector.


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Written by jaylar

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