And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 46

The stealing of the gas cylinders was not all that unusual.

Things had been stolen before and not noticed for days, maybe weeks.  The Matrons of Miriam House did nothing, Brown because she’d been insulted  and Selma, because she was near comatose.

Over the years, Odette, the so-called ‘cleaner’,  had been active.

A  few years ago, she’d taken a cable box from Miriam house, so had cheap cable at home. No one noticed that theft for a year.   When they asked her she played  more stupid than usual..

Odette  continuously stole Smart Phones from  tenants she learned  were on tight schedules, tenants who couldn’t confront her, call the police, have her searched.

She had stolen money, clothes, jewelry, if Odette could see it,   she’d  steal it, if she could touch it, she’d take it.

If there was an early alert, such as the time she stole a chicken from one of the fridges, she was able to ‘find’ it in the other fridge.

If   the alert was late, the item would already be removed from Miriam  House, and Odette pretend she had no idea what the tenants were  talking about.

Complaining that Odette took something was a waste of breath.  She always reported her target before she stole from them.

As  Brown had been so demotivated by undercutting of the Board,  she wouldn’t waste ear space listening to any complaint.   To pick up a phone and demean herself by phoning a  Board member to complain, was too much effort.  So she sat in the Matron’s House and did nothing.

Selma had marched in, was  useful for  one month, then went into a decline.  She moved from bed ridden to  unconscious.

From January to June there was no one to complain to.

Miriam House, donated to the Church as a Home for indigent members, registered as a Charity, had been illegally turned into a dormitory.   A Dormitory  which was actually ruled by the woman hired to clean the toilet.


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