And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 39

During the months of May and June, some of the church members visited Selma, mostly to see her conquered.

She was in the bed, lying on her back, her mouth opened wide.  At first she wore a diaper, then, when the tubes were put in, she would often move her night gown so that she’d be fully exposed.

In a way it pleased the visitors.

Selma had never been a nice person.   Born to Millionaires, she had always behaved as if she were superior.  She felt free to insult any she chose,  many Members of her Church.  After all.  she was Selma Rashford Grindley.   Granddaughter of the Great Edward Rashford.

To see Selma, lying in that bed, the sheet awry,  her body exposed, her head flung back and mouth open like a dead fish, gave those who saw her a twisted joy, causing the whispered; (how the mighty have fallen).

The month of June ended,  July began.

Selma was still in ‘decline’.

Elvis March, the Chairman of the Board,  went on his trip, leaving Paul Mollusk, the Vice Chairman ‘ in charge.’ Hopefully, Selma would be dead by the time he returned.

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