And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 37

Glancing  at the calendar, Elvis saw that July would be the target month.  If Dr. Mary was right,  she shouldn’t live to see August.

Elvis decided to visit relatives abroad beginning the second week in July and not return until the second week in August.

That is, he would return in the second week, if Selma was gone.  If not,  he’d do whatever was necessary to not come back until after.

He didn’t know what would happen once Selma was dead, didn’t want to be involved in what would follow.

The Matron’s house, which had come furnished, was jammed with Selma’s things; furniture, glassware, so-called antiques.  To clear the house would take a day, that is, if Joe, Selma’s son, got to work.  But Elvis had the impression that Joe did not consider his mother or her things or cleaning Miriam House, priority.

Elvis March had an impression that Selma’s son would do nothing.

He didn’t need the excitement, annoyance, trauma.    He’d leave the already hated Paul Mollusk to handle the situation.

In a way, it might erase some of the anger the Board Members felt realising that Mollusk had them pay to paint a place that didn’t need painting, and done it so badly it would need to be done again.

Let Paul Mollusk deal with the obnoxious Joe Rashford Grindley.

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