And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 27

Joe Rashford Grindley and Van Barnes reached the hospital.  They stood on opposite sides of the bed and looked down on Selma Rashford Grindley.

She lay on her back, her mouth opened wide, appearing as if she’d died already.

Van turned away.

He knew Selma as a loud, braggart.  A obnoxious woman who tried to cow others  by an overbearing personality.

Seeing her humbled like this, did give Van a tickle of pleasure, but he masked it.

He went out of the room, out of earshot, and rang up a few Board members. He wanted, to discuss what should be done about the management of the Dorm.   He told them where Selma was and added;  “She’s completely out of it…”  knowing it would provoke visits.  Visits from people who needed to see Selma humbled.

Van Barnes left the hospital, got into his car and drove to his office, certain that the Board would pay nothing for Selma’s care.

There was a meeting next month.

He assumed they would discharge Selma, and appoint another matron.


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Written by jaylar

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