And Comes The Fourth Generation – part 18

Selma Rashford Grindley lay the bed at Miriam House, looking like a pig.  Her mouth was stretched open, hideous.

Joe called and shook her, and she woke.

Appreciating she was seriously ill, he called an ambulance.  He asked Odette, the cleaner, when his mother first took ill.

She told him January.

This was April.

He wanted to snap at her, but, meeting her eyes, knew Selma had, been as obnoxious to her as she was to everyone else.

He didn’t appreciate that  Odette had used his mother’s incapacity to sit in the living room of the house and watch television. Although paid to clean the dormitory, she would claim she had to take care  of Selma.

Odette would have not called Joe if she didn’t feel Selma was about to go,and she didn’t want to talk to the police.   Odette had loved Selma’s incapacity.  It was a great opportunity to be paid for doing nothing.

However, she was not going to be alone with her when Selma died.

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