And Comes the Fourth Generation – 95

An observer would ponder how the son of the matron hired to look over a premises, could assume rights to that premises. But then, an observer would not know the mentality of the Fourth Generation.

These descendants of the once high and mighty considered themselves superior to all.

They saw others as a different species, and themselves as some precious level of humanity.

Part of their mentality was to prevent the public knowing their losses, their errors, their inability to manage their lives.

Some had been robbed by employees, be they lawyers or cleaners, but could not raise the alarm.   Their ‘image’ was more important to them than even money.

Others,  had been lured into ‘investments’ which depleted their small pockets.

Where a normal person could immediately launch an inquiry, a lawsuit, a criminal prosecution, the Fourth Generation could not, for the damage to their ego was  to be prevented at all costs.

Hence, no publicity is what they strove for.  Burying their incompetence, their losses, their mistakes.


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Written by jaylar

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