And Comes the Fourth Generation – 93

The  Fourth Generation, nobodies with big egos and small pockets, were despised by all.

Most had the mentality of Joe Rashford Grindley and his ‘clones’ but there was a small group, who, even at primary school level,  realised that other kids who had common names, had more than them.

These other kids  had parents that didn’t act as if they were superior.  These other kids wanted to be something when they grew up.

The idea of ‘working’ which was almost an obscenity to their parents.  So the Fourth Generation, the Great Grandchildren decided to escape.

Some left the city on scholarships because they studied.  Others just ran away to escape the prison of pretension.

Their parents and grand parents, splashing in the past, parading into the church to take their special seats, blind and deaf to the ‘common’ parishioners, nauseated them.

They left the church, left their families, and had real lives.

Of course, most were like Joe Rashford Grindley who remained to posture and poise for an empty arena.


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