And Comes the Fourth Generation – 91

When Elvis March, appointed President, had the mess dumped in his lap, he thought he could get it sorted. The ‘Selma’ matter he left for Mollusk to correct.

Elvis was besieged by unpaid bills, all sorts of Church business that should have been dealt with last year. Although he was prepared to ‘work’  he didn’t know where to begin.

Considering the situation at Miriam House, with Selma’s junk filling the rooms and no movement to clear it, he decided to take a vacation.

Mollusk was expected to clean up the mess.

Elvis returned to a mess and Mollusk having quit.

This is why he didn’t realise Pinnock,  who employed as a watch/maintenance man at the Church was doing nothing, or that his daughter Hettie was a prostitute.


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Written by jaylar

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