And Comes the Fourth Generation – 87

Avery Hendricks was of the Third Generation, the pattern on which the Fourth was formed

His ego was so enormous that he never did ‘due diligence’ never questioned his ‘gut’.   He hired people not merely unqualified but virtually ‘anti’ qualified.

If any level of investigation was done Cordelia Brown would never have been given a job as Matron of Miriam House.  Incredibly fat,  lazy, dishonest, she was a matured version of Odette, the  lazy ‘cleaner’, more busy stealing than working.

Both had been hired by Avery Hendricks.

Avery Hendricks also hired Lori  Conway to work in the office and Hiriam Pinnock to manage the church.

Lori was another thief, Pinnock  a lazy drunk who brought his whoring daughter with him.

Paul Mollusk, when made President, set about firing Cordelia Brown and Lori, but his own dishonesty got him fired before he disposed of Odette and Pinnock.

The incompetence of Hendricks was ‘standard’ for the persons who made up the Board which ran the church and Miriam House.

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