And Comes the Fourth Generation – 81

Yes, Paul Mollusk had robbed the Church, but he was ‘One of Them’.   Although Selma Rashford Grindley was also ‘One of Them’, they could never forgive her.

She ought not have exposed Mollusk.

This kind of twisted reasoning was standard for the Fourth Generation.  Their loyalty was to cover up for each other.

That Selma had flung the facts at a Board meeting, (where there were persons who were not Fourth Generation, simply rich) was treason.

They avoided Miriam House even more than usual.

Whether it was to shun her for being a snitch or their usual lack of interest, they were unaware that Selma was confined to bed and did nothing from January until April.

They learned she was ill in April because her son, Joe Rashford Grindley, told them.

They had paid Selma’s salary for January, February, March, and April, and Selma had done absolutely nothing at all whatsoever, except lay on her back in the Matron’s house, using water, electricity, gas, free cable and internet.


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Written by jaylar

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