And Comes the Fourth Generation – 68

There was nothing unusual about the pretentious behaviour of Joe Rashford Grindley.   He lived in a fantasy world in which he was some sort of demi-god.   This was due to the name, Rashford.

Decades before his mother was born, Edward Rashford had been a multi-millionaire and somehow, his children grew with an inflated sense of themselves.  This image was adopted by the nearly worthless grandchildren, who did little but eradicate the millions bequeathed.

Then came the Fourth Generation; example Joe Rashford Grindley.

Joe had nothing.

He lived in a house that had been owned by his first wife.  He had a minor job, made a small salary, had little education.

He had blamed his mother for his failures, and when Selma needed help, he made sure she didn’t get it.

Joe Rashford Grindley had removed his ill mother from the hospital, had refused to pay for treatment.   Had let her die in Miriam House, to which he had no claim.

But those who belonged to the Church which owned Miriam  House, those who sat on the Board which managed Miriam House were exactly like Joe Grindley.

Just as incompetent, just as pretentious.


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Written by jaylar