And Comes the Fourth Generation – 54

For  once in her life, Selma did something for her son, in his world view.

She  went into a steep decline on the 30th of July and by the 31st, surrounded by two members of the Church, himself,  and the cleaner, Odette she died.

Of  course, they had to wait for the police to come, for the doctor to confirm.

While  waiting, Joe got on the phone and called a few people, including his Uncle, then let them spread the news.

People  began arriving at the House, all to see that Selma was dead.   They  sat around the living room of the Matron’s house and talked and ate and drank.

Finally,  the body was taken by the crematorium, and Selma was gone.

Now,  all that was left, was to go through her things.

Joe  told the cleaner she could take the clothes.   For the first time Odette wasn’t stealing.  She had already taken pieces of jewelry,  which she ‘stored’ in the side room.  Odette hoped they didn’t know how much jewelry Selma had.  If they did, and began to search, she could always ‘find’ the things.

She  prayed with all her might that they wouldn’t know what Selma had and she could abscond with value.


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Written by jaylar

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