And Comes The Fourth Generation – 40

The tenants, who had been subjected to ridiculous rules from not having a man in their room, to coming in at certain times, had been freed from restrictions since January.

Becoming aware of Selma’ s condition, of Odette’s limited presence, lived as if they were rent paying tenants, not prisoners.

When Fran Alman began her daily one hour visit, checking  on rent payments, and taking complaints, (which she had to bring to the attention of some Board member before action could be taken) the tenants developed an anger.

The anger was that for so long they had been forced to live as if in a college dorm, but received none of the benefits, and a lot of hardships.

Some were more resentful than others.

The tenants of Room 10 decided to steal the hundred pound gas cylinders from the back kitchen.

The two cylinders ha been placed outside, near the window of the tenant in Room 11.The Girls of Room 10 made numerous complaints against Room 11 to destroy her credibility.

In May they made their move.

With Selma on her back, alone in the Matron house, (Odette having left at 4:00 pm) there were no eyes, save those of other tenants.

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