And Comes The Fourth Generation – 35

Doctor  Mary Parnel had been invited to join the church.  She and her husband, who was also a doctor, did have some money.   They were quickly shoved on the Board.

Doctor Parnel had introduced herself to most of the members.  She never liked Selma.

Mary could not forget how loud and pretentious Selma had been, claiming she had been accepted at medical school but chose instead to spend a year traveling around the world.

It was how Selma spoke, how she held her head, which annoyed Mary Parnel more than the lie.

Arriving at Miriam House where Selma was to be the ‘Matron’,  she was buzzed in by Elvis March, the current Chairman of the Board.  They spoke a few minutes, then she went in to see Selma.  The nurse was there and assisted her.

Selma screamed every time they touched her, whether arm, leg, stomach.

Various scans had been done at the hospital, but Mary wanted something more.  She told Elvis.

Elvis called Joe who stated he had no money.   Elvis was not going to payout of the Church funds.

Elvis informed Dr. Mary.

It was beyond evidence that Selma was ‘expired goods’  and no one was interested in prolonging her life.


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