And Comes the Fourth Generation – 25

David knew nothing, didn’t want to know anything, and spent money.   John and Sam worked until, as Eric, realised they were wasting their lives, and walked away.

This left David, his nieces and nephews in charge.  Meaning, that people who knew nothing about running a business were now making decisions.

Offered a ‘prestigious’ invitation to the Church,  David Rashford  grabbed it.  After six months, he was put on the Board.

At this point he had passed most of his shares to his son and daughter  to give him more time for Board Matters.

He soon realised that  the Board members were like him, sons and daughters of millionaires who now were not millionaires.

The officers of the Board had thought David was rich.  When they requested a ‘small’ donation, David couldn’t give it to them.

Words were thrown, David stormed out, jumped into his car, drove off and into a fatal accident.

The tottering Rashford Empire now passed fully into the greedy hands of the Grandchildren of Edward Rashford, who soon destroyed the shards of what remained of the businesses he had created.


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Written by jaylar

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