And Comes the Fourth Generation – 24

Nearly fifty years ago, David Rashford had been invited to join the church. He joined because that was where Millionaires go.  Although he had been at the rag ends of wealth, his pretension was beyond price.

David did not know that his father, Edward, and his oldest brother, Eric, had been invited and turned it down.

But there was a lot that David didn’t know.

Eric was the only one of Edward’s sons who really knew business.   He had worked, full time, since he was fourteen years old, and it was his work, his commitment which increased the Rashford wealth.  When Edward had split the company four ways, giving him no more than David,  Eric left.

Eric sold everything he owned and disappeared.

He  had been forty five at the time, David had been twenty seven.   David never worked.  The spoiled child who completed High School and College and spent his days spending money,

Eric’s absence dumped the work on Sam and John, who were scarcely competent.They had turned to dear old Dad.   Edward Rashford,  who had tried to retire was shoved back into business, and was dead in a year.

This had left Sam, John, and David in charge.

And this is when extremely profitable businesses, some, monopolies, began to slide.


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Written by jaylar

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