And Comes the Fourth Generation -114

As there was no ‘job description’ for Odette, no ‘Time Sheet’,  meaning Odette came and went as she pleased, Ann South, the Manager, had no idea of the hours and duties.

The most she could do was compose a ‘review’, send it to the Board,  and assume they would read it and make corrections, alterations, clarifications.

As the Board was made up of disinterested posturers, no one would take on the mammoth task of defining the tasks a cleaner had to do, and the hours in which she was to do them.

Odette, going back to the ‘Flower Pot’ event of her first months of work, was pretty certain she  had about two months maybe more, of being paid for virtually doing nothing.

No one knew the nature of those who sat on the Board as well as Odette.

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