And Comes the Fourth Generation – 113

During the years she worked under Miss Brown,   Odette had kept to her ‘schedule’.   This ‘schedule’ gave her a lot of free time.

When Selma Rashford Grindley arrived, Odette had a few weeks of actual work,  then,  nothing, as Selma retired to her death bed.

This hiatus was nothing like the all expense paid vacation Odette got under Ann South.

Firstly, due to the gross incompetence of the Board, there was no job description.  Odette was hired as a ‘cleaner’.  What she was to clean, when and how, was not known.   What hours Odette was to arrive and leave was not written down.

When Miss Brown was there, it was different, because Miss Brown knew the times.  Selma didn’t know her own name withing three months, and  Ann South had no idea when Odette was to arrive, leave or her duties.

Since  no one bothered to tell Ann South, leaving her to guess and assume, she couldn’t give orders to Odette.



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