And Comes the Fourth Generation – 112

Odette,  becoming aware she worked for fools who hadn’t a clue what went on at Miriam House, moved from basic stealing during Miss Brown’s tenure,  to stealing plus to doing nothing, under the dying Selma Rashford Grindley.

When Ann South, the New Matron arrived, Odette had no clue of what would come next.

When Ann South told Odette she did not want her to clean her house, (she had heard about the thefts) Odette was annoyed, at first, then realised the gift.

Under Brown, Odette cleaned the Matron’s house and did her Laundry.   Monday and Friday had belonged to Miss Brown.

This meant that Odette had work free Mondays and Fridays.

But that was not the only ‘gift’.

As Ann South didn’t know Odette’s schedule, this meant she could come and go as she pleased, taking days off if she chose.

Under Ann South, Odette did more nothing than she had under Brown and Grindley.


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Written by jaylar

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