And Comes the Fourth Generation – 106

Ann South, the new Matron of Miriam House,  began to explore her domain.  She found many faults and contacted the Church office.

She was told that the President would be alerted, but that any changes or expenses would require the Board to sign off.

This stunned Ann South.  Why hire her, then give her no authority?

As she investigated, she realised that the Board was completely unaware as to the conditions at Miriam House.

She noticed the infestation of bugs, alerted the office, which would, when given clearance, contact the exterminator.

She noticed the chipping paint and questioned when was the last time it had been painted.  She was shocked to learn it was a mere year ago.

She had been told the tenants were ‘students’ but realised  this was not true.

She noticed the East fence was gone, so anyone could walk in and out.  She called and complained, actually got Elvis March, the ‘President’ of the Board on the phone.  He couldn’t take much more stress.


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Written by jaylar

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