And Comes the 4th Generation – part 12

Cordelia Brown,  who had been ‘Matron’ of Miriam House for over ten years, became bedridden.  No one on the Board, which owned the premises, was aware.

This is because no one who sat on the Board of Directors did more than attend Board meeting, and sit in a special section at the Church.

Enormously fat and unable to stop shoving food in her face, Miss Brown lay abed.  Odette Bent, the cleaner had free range.  She had the keys to every room and went in and out when she chose, stealing what caught her eye.

Paul Mollusk had, on appointment as Chairman of the Board,  had gone to Miriam House to see if he could make a few bucks on ‘renovation.’

Descended from Millionaires,  virtually flat on his face,  he needed cash any way he could get it. Linked with a farcical  company which performed tasks as painting, rewiring, plumbing,  he lived off the kick backs.   He, as a Mollusk, had access to various doors which were opened by his name.

Cordelia must have told him that the place didn’t need painting, or in some other way dared to confront the Great Paul Mollusk, so he decreed that she had to leave, and another Matron would be appointed.

He gave her time, because he needed to get the ‘renovations’ done before someone else arrived.

There was nothing Cordelia could say, no one she could say it to.   Mollusk, as other con men and thieves had, by firing Cordelia Brown made anything she said against him, suspect.

The renovations consisted of various unnecessary jobs on which he got an enormous kick back.

Stealing from his ‘own’ people was never factored into the equation.  Mollusk needed the money to maintain the pretence that he was ‘somebody’.


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