The Amazing Blessing of Being Left Out

My life has often held the marvel of being left on the dock as the Titanic pulls out.

Not knowing it is the Titanic one feels abandoned, left out, unwanted. Then, after the passage of time,  learn the ship has gone down.

Now, imagine, all packed up, wearing your best clothes, reaching the port, and not being allowed on the ship. You have your ‘ticket’ put are not allowed to board. You feel sad, demeaned, and drag away. Then, when you hear the Titanic has sunk, and you were denied entry; there’s a sense of Divine Intervention.

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I use this as an analogy to explain why  I have come to ‘read’ my omissions as blessings, because they often are. In short, I am left out of places that I should not want to go, to encounter people and events I do not want to meet or be part of.

I’ve come to appreciate and read certain slights more as protection then omission. I have even, in some cases been able to feel a sense that I should not be at particular places or with particular people.

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I recall getting a ‘funny feeling’ about a particular office and leaving. A few years after, there was a police inquiry into the practices of the boss. No one ever called my name, I was never touched by it, for I was long gone when the ‘discrepancies’ appeared.

We have a saying; ‘wha fe yu, fe yu and what not fe yu, not fe yu’ which translates as; what is for you, will be for you and what is not for you, you will not get.

Having had my first experience of being ‘left on the dock’ many years ago, I have come to analyse events in that paradigm.

When people leave me out, cut me off, omit me, I take it as a ‘gift’ because something is ‘going to happen’ and I will not be part of it.


What do you think?


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    • I have marvelled at it over the years. People who deliberately don’t invite me, don’t include me, and although there are a few seconds of feeling insulted or abandoned I think… wait… and usually, I’m blessed by the omission.

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