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Conversation spilling from the classroom. Slide through.The corridor walking alone is. A little lonely. Have fun at any time. I will pass soon.The page of the memories’ album. It’s infinite. Surely always forever. Memory of a smiling face that does not disappear. Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Let’s increase it a lot. Hairstyle, hobby and character. They are different, though. At the same time and the timing to laugh. Somewhere similar. Everyone’s time. I will be anxious soon.The story of memories has a continuation. You are waiting. Surely always forever. Promise of smiling with you. Always forever. I wish I could be with you. After school which is more important than lesson. If the bell rings. I will go and see you soon.Surely always forever. Number of smiles New record. No matter how many times the season goes. Because I will not forget forever. Surely always forever. Promise of smiling with you. I will not return anymore “Now”Because I want to remember forever.


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Written by seriopscual


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