All Communication Is Persuasion

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Welcome to my new channel. This is a quick video on why ” All Communication Is Persuasion.” No matter what you want to do in life you have to learn how to persuade people. Or simply put speak to them in a language they can understand not only understand, also, to become motivated and eager to take action. We go over why everything is persuasion. Learn more with this incredibly quick episode of Gerardo Morillo. Also, be sure to check out the powerful resources, especially Cult Leader by my buddy George Hutton. The resources down below will assist you in attracting more money, power, confidence, charisma, and so much more. Learn more with the links down below. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoy this. If you like this please feel free to like and subscribe to my second channel.


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Written by Gerardo Morillo


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  1. I don’t think I agree with this line. I don’t like the idea that every time I make contact with another human being I am doing so with a view to getting some benefit for myself, even if it’s only a warm glow for having done someone a favour. This line denies the possibility of there being a completely selfless act, which flies in the face of most standards of morality. It is always dangerous to argue that every occurrence of a deed (A) is in fact an example of something else (B) – this form of reasoning can only result in a devaluing of the meaning of B, and that cannot be helpful.

    • Totally agree. Not sure about what the video claims, but the title is 100% falsely stated for me. I communicate with people and animals every day without persuasion being involved at all. I know we live in a dodgy world now, but not everyone is in it for selfish reasons.

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