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Advocates Should Advocate

I spent from Sunday to Wednesday helping our neighbors move out their sister who has some developmental delays, she and her husband lived on their own, but her sisters moved her and seeing the condition she lived in I am glad they did, the surprising thing is she had an advocate, an advocate who let her live in deplorable conditions, the advocate who didn’t let her clients family know what was happening and didn’t make a phone call to the family, I hadn’t even been in the apartment until I helped the sisters, because that’s how I was brought up, and I was literally in the thick of it!

I definitely rest easier knowing that she is safe with her sisters, and that she would no longer have to deal with an advocate who frankly doesn’t act like she cares, I’ve known the neighbor even before I moved here, and she and her husband truly deserve better and thank God, that is what they are getting and I believe the sisters are turning this advocate in, because the indifference she showed to her client was ridiculous!
I spent a good amount of time working with kids with a variety of conditions, and levels of disability and that indifference would not have cut it!

I am just really grateful that the sisters came when they did, and that we could help because no way could our neighbor have done it all!
The sister she is moving near is a Florist so she gave me some plants out of Gratitude, I can only hope I can keep them alive lol!

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