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Accept The Change

I remember an acquaintance of mine whose pet dialogue was ‘Change is the only constant thing in life.’ This is particularly true in my current scenario. I have been going through a changing phase where everything that was familiar has been replaced by uncertainty and change. As soon as I get accustomed to a change, totally unexpected another change happens and utter chaos prevails before the routine sets in.

Though it’s normal to be a little flustered with change but when you totally go off-balance with the changes then it’s a sign that something needs to be done. No change means no growth. Learning and growth happens only with change when you are pushed out of your comfort zone. When you are at a comfortable place in life then it means that you’re not progressing.

Stop seeing change as a hurdle or a stumbling block. Rather take it as a challenge. See change as the much needed push in your life, as an opportunity to learn something new, unlearn old concepts, letting go and endless possibilities to grow.

Change can unnerve you only if you let it. It all depends on your attitude and the way you react/respond to change. Those who can adapt to changes survive while the rest perish. This is the eternal law of nature.

Change is a blessing in disguise. Change means that things are going to better or worse. Even if things are getting worse, remember that even this would change, Everything is temporary and even the bad phase has some good lessons to teach. ‘This shall also pass!”

It’s so easy to put all these lofty thoughts on paper but very difficult to put them into practice. However awareness brings that much needed change in attitude. I end this post with an awesome quote by Mahatma Gandhi- “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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  1. “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”
    ― Heraclitus

    I always loved this quote because it’s so true to life. Everything we touch changes us. And we change everything and everyone we touch.

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