Absolute Perfection (Part 6): Out of comfort zone

We all have a physical location or a place within our minds which is known as the comfort zone.  In that place, we are all totally content with what is happening to us and with what is happening around us.  However, there are times within are lives where we must step outside of our comfort zone.  

The only problem with the comfort zone is that the comfort zone can cause for a person to become complacent within life.  Instead of taking calculated risks in order to progress in life, the comfort zone can actually hinder growth due to stagnation.  

For example, we all have been taken out of our comfort zone during this pandemic.  You know the ones that have chosen to remain in the comfort zone by noticing how they have not adapted to the new situation over the past few months.  We must all continue to adapt.  There is no reason that one should be doing something the same way things were done 20 years ago.


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