Absolute Perfection (Part 3): Reconciliation

The concept of reconciliation is easy, but putting reconciliation into action is rather difficult.  Reconciliation means to make amends for prior mistakes.  We are all prone to making errors, but a true person is one that goes the extra mile to make things right.  Whether or not the other person accepts the apology, the attempt to reconcile will keep the conscience clear.

Before we can even reconcile with other people, we must first reconcile with ourselves.  Do not condemn yourself for making a mistake.  Think of perfection as kicking a ball into net for a goal.  The goal counts no matter how you put the ball into the net.  The ball may hit the post and go into the net, or the ball may deflect off of another person.  Either way, the goal counts the same no matter what method you used to score.  Do not nitpick the wrong things that you do by focusing on achieving the goals that you have established.

When you begin to not be so pissed off about your own mistakes, then you will begin to build a tolerance for when another person makes a mistake around you.  Instead of flying off of the handle at someone, encourage them to do better the next time.  By choosing to reconcile, you will give your self-esteem a boost along with having better relationships with other people.


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