Absolute Perfection (Part 1): Protection

For many people around the world, things seemed to be going well until the pandemic hit.  Their perfect routine was thrown right out of the window because newer methods had to be implemented.  

Whenever you see a storm coming, your natural inclination is to seek shelter.  Why stay outside and be pelted by rain when you can choose to protect yourself?  You are free to stay outside when there is a thunderstorm without protection, but do not whine and complain when you wind up being soaked.  By protecting yourself, you achieve absolute perfection from the storm affecting you.

The USA has the most amount of cases and the most amount of deaths because people are choosing to not protect themselves from Covid-19.  These people are willingly running into a burning building.


What do you think?


Written by ahol888

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  1. Interesting thoughts.

    Do we need to protect ourselves from such storms, in life, or not?

    Is absolute perfection possible?

    All is perfect anyway, otherwise, nothing would be working, or would it?

    Is perfection relative to the part that’s in the perfection then, not thinking that the way that it’s being affected is still part of the overall perfection of it all too?

    Perhaps there is no such thing as perfection, except for God.

    Everything under him is aligned to his perfection, but allowed to stray in being themself, until they decide to realign themselves to God again.

    At the same time, though, God is the only protection, so being misaligned to him brings us things that we are now not being protected against too.

      • But, maybe there are levels of perfection, and only God knows it all to the utmost perfection.

        I happen to agree, that the world, even now must be perfect, as God made it, and his plan must still remain a perfect one too.

        If any spot of imperfection exists, it would mean that God is not perfect himself, as all exists within God’s overall oneness, perfectly so.

        If one of the laws of the Universe was only partially true, like the law of gravity, the Universe would not work, as it does.

        The fact that these physical laws all seem to be perfect, implies to me that all the rest must be perfect in its way too.

        On the other hand, perfection would preclude freedom, and so God allows his creation to stray away from his own perfection, but they are always pushed back again towards perfection, because all remains perfect around them, at all times.

        God’s plan remains perfect, despite any individual’s efforts to try to thwart it. It has inbuilt perfection built into it.


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