A Workout Routine Muscle Building Made Simple

One day in the gym. Two days at rest. Repeat.

Building a great deal of new muscle, along with adding strength and shedding body fat is possible with brief, heavy training if done correctly.

Let’s look at a full-body training regimen which can lead to a brand new you, provided you stick with it and train as hard as possible. Are you ready for the ultimate muscle-building workout?

The key to building muscle is to break down muscle mass so it can be rebuilt to be stronger and bigger.

With bodyweight training, since you can’t increase the weight you’re using for the exercise, the best way to build muscle mass is to use difficult movements and organize them into high-intensity workouts.

Start your day with a brisk 8 to 10-minute walk on the treadmill. This will get your blood flowing, loosen up your joints, and move oxygen to different parts of your body.

Then it’s time to hit the weights! Train each set almost to muscular failure, but remember that absolute failure is not a requirement. You will be repeating efforts for this body part in another 72 hours.


●Two sets incline bench press

●Two sets seated flat dumbbell flyes


●Two sets deadlifts

●Two sets lat pulldowns


●Two sets Shoulder military press

●Two set DB side raises


●3 sets close-grip skull crushers


●3 sets standing biceps barbell curl


●Three sets free weight squats

●Two sets lying leg curls for hamstrings

●Three sets calf raises


●50 crunches or lying leg raises (alternate with each workout)

The number of repetitions per set will vary, but you will want to keep them somewhere between 7 and 14 repetitions, optimally.

As you complete each rep of each set, remember that the amount of weight you are moving – the poundage – isn’t all that important. Rather, what matters most in terms of optimal muscle growth is the amount of blood (and then protein and oxygen) that you are able to draw into each muscle group.

You’re a bodybuilder, not a powerlifter, so you have to focus more on the pump, and less on the numbers of how much weight you are actually moving. It’s better to move slower through each rep and get a great pump, than to rush through each set, exploding more weight up, without feeling any growth in the muscle group.

As you can imagine, the ultimate muscle-building workout will require you to pitch in, in terms of the recovery factors, to ensure you heal, rest and recover adequately for some real muscle growth.

Eat six solid meals each day. Sleep eight hours per night. Don’t allow the stress from your everyday life to become too great, or you will end up short-circuiting your muscle gains. Train hard and heavy using the ultimate muscle building workout, and you will see terrific gains.

Additional Muscle Building Tips:

●Focus on applying as much stress as possible on a muscle. If a workout or exercise becomes too easy, don’t add repetitions or sets. Instead, replace the movement with a more difficult variation, or find a way to make the workout more difficult.

●One of the easiest ways to make a workout more difficult is to reduce rest periods. If you can do a full circuit without any rest, then it’s time to once again replace your exercises with more difficult variations.

● Simple things such as changing the grip or elevation of an exercise can make the movement more difficult.


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Written by Marta Jordan

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