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A Travel Writer Meets a Stranger Who Challenges Her To Live In The Moment .with him. | Lonely Planet


Many just won’t get the gist of this award-winning 20-minute short film. But the ones that do, will be faced with a profound new look at life as they know it.

It is a story about an attractive young travel writer who meets a stranger that challenges her to live in the moment with him.

 The video starts where she is doing research, dictating messages into her phone: “If you’re in the mood for a low-key stroll in Spain, don’t go to La Rambla, put them on you must skip or on your messy list. Sagrada família is surreal and under construction. Since 1886, if nothing else is a stunning monument to Spanish procrastination, Sifu tapas at la Boqueria, this one serves mouth-watering food, but don’t settle for one-afternoon at any “Tech Steel” restaurant, because what they serve is always sweet and salty, unless you’re into that kind of thing.”

The woman’s cellphone starts ringing: Her recorded message comes on: “This is Julia, probably in London Berlin Paris or somewhere in between, catch me if you can.”

 A male voice answers: “It’s me, so where have you run off to now Julia versus the world, that never-ending saga? You’ll never find happiness you know, whatever, enjoy, Barcelona is it? Maybe one day you will be the one leaving the messages.”

Julia has left the restaurant and signals an approaching taxi, just then a young man walks up to the stopping taxi and directs the driver to Burstyn. Then he notices Julia and he realized, she had obviously signaled the taxi in the first place. He apologizes and offers her the ride, saying in fluent English: “Oh sorry, you take it, you were here first.” She replies, saying that she will get the next ride. And he asks her where she is going, to which she replies,: “Tristen.”

“I’m going to Burstyn its right next to Tristen, we can both take the same taxi.” She says no and he asks her: “Are you really gonna make me look like a jerk in front of all these people, I insist, where  in Tristen are you going?” She hesitates a moment and he says: “Come on, a little help from a tall dark Catalan, it’ll be the cherry on the cake of your visit to Barcelona.” She gets in as she says: “You know, in America, we don’t share cabs with strangers.” He laughs and replies,” yeah but in America, people shoot people.”

They are sitting in the cab, and it moves off. “So where are you coming from?” He asks. She ponders for a moment before answering. “I haven’t been to the States in a while I’m actually from London.“But you sound like an American. “he replies. “So, is my Spanish really that terrible?” She asks. “No, no not at all you blend in like get a tourist.” he jokingly replies. He looks to where she is doing some serious writing and remarks: He glances over to where Julia is busy dialing some number on her phone: “And you take your visiting really seriously. He remarks. “ I write our travel guides. “Oh, like Lonely Pennant. He asks?

 “Well, then you must know Spain pretty well.” He states. “First time actually.” She replies. “I don’t like the same old suit, life’s too short.” “So, you’re one of those.” He remarks. “So, tell me, where is home for the professional tour guide?“Its Julia, my name is Julia where home is, well, that’s a very complicated question.” He smiles saying: “Well then, give me a very complicated answer, Let’s say over dinner and you can call that classic Catalan dinner restaurant called: “Oven-baked, they’re piping hot and the Cherry on Top.”

The scene changes as the cameras focus on a couple lying in bed, it’s Julia and the Spanish Catalan stranger…


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