A talent that wins gold medals in Hip Hop dance.

Robin Biznis June 4.2018 Belgrade, Serbia

“Get Rhythm” is the biggest regional dance show held on June 3, 2018 in Belgrade. The program was held in the renovated building of the former home of the syndicate, which now has a new name Kombak Hall.

The hall was officially opened on June 13, 1957 at Nikola Pasic Square. In April 2013, the Government of the Republic of Serbia declared this institution a cultural monument in Belgrade.

The building is located on the square Nikole Pasica. The building can be seen in my blog, walking-through-Belgrade, just behind the monument of Nikola Pasic.

This is Kombak Hall

At this traditional competition in all modern dance styles organized by the Belgrade Gaming Center and the Dance Club “Beat Street” in cooperation with the Dance Association of Belgrade, about 2,000 young artists, dancers from the country and the region have been announced.

A large number of public figures, such as musicians, actors, dancers, choreographers, contribute to the attractiveness of the whole event by participating in the jury. The winners are awarded valuable prizes, and the audience can expect a great visual-entertainment experience and entertainment.

I have a personal cast to write to you that my eight-year-old granddaughter, Sara Prvacki, took part in the Hip-Hop competition. She had a solo performance as well as a group performance.

This is her second competition.

At the first she won a gold medal.

Here in the already serious competition, she was again the best one.

Like her parents and myself, I am very happy with her husband because of her talent and her achievements.

Of course she is also a great girl in school.

I hope that her dance will take place in Hip Hop and that there will be a victory and more medals.


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