A New Beginning (Part 5): Obliterate

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Instead of just getting past your obstacles, you will achieve a new beginning when you decide to obliterate them.  Smash them to smithereens!  Crush them to bits!  When you choose to obliterate your obstacles, then that gives a warning to all of your future foes of what they have to deal with whenever your enemies want to take a turn at getting slapped around.

Realize that an enemy attacks you because the enemy thinks that you are weak.  However, you choose to muster all of your strength to destroy the opposition.  It’s like punching at a target.  The goal is not to hit the target.  The objective is to punch through the target so that there is no longer a target.  Then, the opposition will not be able to recover.

Obliteration is necessary so that you will have perfect vision for 2020.


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  1. Sometimes people are their own worst enemies… Yes, you are right, enemies know when you are weak and attack without mercy
    There is a saying what goes around comes around.
    I wish people could live at peace with each other but some won’t do that


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