A New Beginning (Part 29): Seeking the truth

The great thing about truth is that there is no gray area between lies and truth.  For example, two plus two is always four.  No matter how much other believe that two plus two equals five, the truth is that two plus two will always be four.  Seeking the truth on a daily basis means that you will not be deceived by the lies that you hear from others.

If you refrain from seeking the truth, then complacency will set in within the mind.  Then, the mind will slide back into lies.  That is why seeking the truth is so important.  Here is a wonderful example that boggles my mind to this very day.

In the most recent poll on record (2018), two percent of the people stated that they truly believe that the Earth is flat.  The fact that the Earth is round has been firmly proven by science and exploration hundreds of years ago.  Not seeking the truth about the Earth being round has led to some to still believe that the Earth is flat.  Seeking the truth constantly may be a tedious task, but you will reap the rewards in the future.


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