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A New Beginning (Part 23): We need some unity!

In these crucial times, unity is the primary key to defeating Covid-19!  For example, New Zealand reported zero new cases of the coronavirus last week.  The reason why Covid-19 did not spread throughout their country is due to the fact that everyone in New Zealand unified to being on lockdown for an entire month.  Their unity stopped the spread of the coronavirus in their country.  Thus, unity brought a new beginning to New Zealand.

The lack of unity causes for problems and for issues to remain at a boiling point.  Although the United States of America makes up four percent of the entire world population, 25% of the people that have contracted the coronavirus worldwide are in the USA.  The country did not unite by not adhering to the stay-at-home policies.  Each state has their own policy.  Having 50 different plans does not constitute one working method that is unified.

#1 Gathering pic

We must remain unified by social distancing.  Keep space away from people.  Be different from what this picture shows.  "In a little space, grace has been shown..."

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    • I like your comment because responsibility corresponds with unity. I am responsible enough to post that procedures need to be uniform instead of one country doing one thing while another country is doing something totally different.

  1. This is very difficult and complicated. Here I was walking in the alley by the sea. But now I avoid going there. There are many irresponsible people who do not keep their distance. I prefer quiet places.

  2. I think allowing the states to have their own phases could work, if the rules were followed. Unfortunately the rules will always be broken. But each state is different and no blanket rule should be applied. I am staying home for now, no matter what opens.

    • I am actually showing empathy by comparison and contrast. By showing the correct method, I am saving more lives. By telling people to follow the example portrayed by New Zealand, I am saving lives.
      I am about saving lives. Being unified is about saving lives. I don’t walk in your shoes, but I want you to stay at home and stay safe so that you do not contract Covid-19.

    • Unity is possible because New Zealand just went down to zero cases. Unity is possible. Look at your country Romania. Thirty years ago, the people of Romania united for freedom to have Ceausescu removed from office.

      • I am no longer so sure that Ceausescu was removed by the Romanian people. He was more patriot than the current leaders. The interests were much higher. For 30 years now, Romania’s industry has been destroyed, Romania’s forests have been destroyed, and the country has been transformed from an industrialized country into a country of consumption! This is not what the Romanian people wanted 30 years ago! But that’s another discussion!

  3. The best strategy is to wait until there are zero cases for 14 days, if you do not have a single case of infection in 14 days you can go back to normal easily. However, European countries are opening again without following this rule so coronavirus will be back again soon.


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