A Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Greetings and welcome to our world here in NorCal, as I stated before we are near Yosemite National Park , sorry  no pictures of Yosemite yet but Little Miss May have some to share next month.

My good friend, her boys and I and often Little Miss too have been walking at least once a week we try to change up directions.

Getting out and doing things is nice, not to mention it gets them away from the screen for awhile.
I just can’t believe how much they are all growing.

Now that the weather is decent Little Miss can enjoy her scooter again.

We’re in the process of packing up to move too, probably just a few miles but it’s still a pain lol, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking the time to enjoy the here and now.

And take in the beauty that God has graced this land with.

And we take the time to enjoy the little things…

After a long walk it’s time to wind down with IPads and 3 D’s Lol!

Until Next Time

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