8 Tips to Rediscover Your Mojo after Having the Kids

The season of babyhood is not so easy. You cannot expect to make it through without letting yourself slide a little. If you think so, it is like expecting to run through a rainstorm without getting wet. It is impractical. However, this season only lasts for a while. So, as the sun will come out surely, your mojo will too. All you need is determination and patience.

Remember, you have every right to reclaim your previous looks. Being a mother does not mean that you are no longer a sexy and gorgeous woman.

So, read on.

Here are eight simple ways you can follow to get your mojo back.

Don’t Hesitate to Lean on the Right People For Help 

Sometimes parenting and life is so hard to navigate. In such a scenario, it is fine to lean your support system. It is ok to leave your door open. There is nothing wrong with sending your baby to grandma’s place for one day or paying a babysitter to take your toddler somewhere fun for an evening. It will allow you to relax. You can take a shower peacefully and turnoff the mummy brain temporarily.

Go for a Post-Natal Make Over

After pregnancy, stretch marks, saggy skin, and saggy stomach are the most common issues.  That is why it is crucial to work on your look. Of course, you should not start working out too soon. Give your body some time to recover and get back to its normal processes. Once you are ready, you can get your pre-baby body by undergoing some skin treatment or surgeries like a mommy makeover. It will tone your body and help you bring back to your pre-pregnancy shape. This way, you will feel more confident and agile than before. You can even opt for surgery like a tummy tuck. It will help the skin around your stomach go back to its firm and elastic state.

Do More of What You Love

Of course, what you love most is your child, but you also loved some adult things before you were called MOMMY. Engage yourself in your favorite hobby, such as dancing, reading, singing. It will help you beat stress and keep your mind sharp. You must find some alone time after having a baby.  There is no doubt that your baby needs constant attention. However, it is equally essential that you take care of yourself well. If you do not feel good about yourself, then you will not be able to offer all the care your baby requires. So, do the things that help you feel like “ME” again. 

Don’t Give Up On Your Workout Routine

Just because, now, you are mom, you should not give up on your workout. It is true that, after a baby, it is hard to make time to exercise. However, you can search for a local gym that offers babysitting services. Therefore, you can enjoy your cardio session without any tension. This mojo hack will definitely help you in feeling great. So, move, sweat, stretch and learn to love your body again.

Connect With a Like-Minded Community

You must find a balance after having a baby. So, connect with other people that are on the same wave as you. It will help you get your mojo back and make you feel normal again. Being passionate about something other than your kids will truly work for you. It will undoubtedly help you to get your mojo back. So, search for a like-minded community, even if it is a digital one.

Forget About the Clock

Of course, getting in the mood for sex and finding the time to wax your legs and wearing lingerie is hard when you have a baby in the room. However, if you want to stoke your inner fire, forget about the clock. After a baby, sex is no longer something that happens as expected between sheets. Now, sex is something that can happen anytime, and anywhere the opportunity arises. So, pay attention and grab the golden moment of opportunity.

Nourish Your Body With the Right Nutrients

It is not advisable to drastically cut calories right after delivery because during pregnancy and after giving birth, your body has gone through a lot of stress. Therefore, you must replenish the nutrients and energy your body has lost. Keep in mind that you need these nutrients for your baby’s good health, such as breastfeeding and taking good care of your baby. So, make sure your diet is full of healthy foods, including fresh vegetables, nuts, olive oil, healthy fats, and fibers.

You are Good Enough the Way You Look

Always remember, do not compare yourself to other moms or models. You are irreplaceable and gorgeous, no matter what you look like. Comparing yourself to others can lower your self-esteem and demotivate you to make any progress. Everyone can get back their pre-baby weight at their own pace. So, do not rush into things and do not get panic. If you were not in shape before you got pregnant, you would have to make extra effort to shed the baby weight. Stay committed and work hard to lose those extra pounds. Your dedication and patience is the key to get back into your desired shape again.

Concluding Remarks

Briefly, your body experiences a massive transformation after having a baby. It is not just physical but mental too. However, you should not keep some of the changes that occur, such as excess weight gain. There are many options to get back your mojos, such as exercise, nutrition, or cosmetic surgery. By keeping the above-discussed tips in mind, you can get your mojo back within no time.


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