8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Writing Career

If you are reading this, you definitely are a hardworking and ambitious writer. How do I know this? Only 20% of writers take their time to study books and articles that will help them nurture their writing careers. 80% of writers never think of progressing their careers. They hate change. And that’s why they’ll keep working for the top writers.

As a top writer, you have made countless mistakes. Some mistakes have cost you a lot of time and money. Others almost made you quit. You learned from them and recovered. What writing advice would give to a beginner? Today, we will answer this question to help other writers avoid repeating the same mistakes you may have done. As the saying goes, wise people learn from the mistakes of others.

1. Thinking You Are Intelligent

This is a huge mistake. Why? When you think you are smart, you won’t work hard. There are thousands of writers looking for similar opportunities like you. Keep in mind that your creativity somewhere in the middle.

You might be smarter than the average person beside you but writers are not average people. Thinking that you are smarter than other people will prevent you from taking criticism positively, reading books and articles and learning from others. As a writer, these are the biggest mistakes you can make. You will not make progress. And soon you will be out.

What sets apart successful essay writers and an average easyessay writer is not intelligence but work ethic. Once you have an amazing work ethic, you will definitely succeed. Instead of thinking you are intelligent, think of yourself as a learner. See everything as a learning experience. Take criticism positively and learn from others. In the end, you will be a terrific writer and everyone will want to work with you.

2. Missing Deadlines

Missing deadlines is among the top killers of your writing career. Never miss a deadline. If you think you won’t be able to deliver the work before the deadline, let your client know as soon as possible.

Again, do not wait until the last minute only to say you won’t be able to deliver the work. Editors have strict editorial schedules. If you miss deadlines or fail to deliver the work, they will be very unhappy. And the chances of hiring you again will be low.

Just like Best Essays and Essay Writing Service writers, successful writers make their clients happy. They communicate effectively and submit their work on time. They understand their strengths and weaknesses. And that’s why they always keep their word. If they miss a deadline, they have a good reason, not excuses.

3. Failing to proofread your work

If you do not proofread your work thoroughly, the editor will have to go through your entire work again and he or she will be very unhappy. Editors are very busy people.

They need to come up with new ideas, manage content calendars, work with other freelance writers and edit articles. An editor is likely to work with you regularly is he or she knows your work will not consume a lot of their time.

Similar to boom essays review writers it is important for you to collaborate with the editor. If he or she goes through your work and sends it back with comments and suggestions, start working on it right away and resubmit it. Do not just rush to complete the corrections.

Address every edit with the seriousness it deserves. Resubmitting your work without addressing all the comments and suggestions show a lack of attention or unwillingness to work.

4. Working alone

As a writer, you will be spending a lot of time alone. While being a lone wolf has its advantages, it is important for you to surround yourself with other successful writers. Keep in mind that you are the average of the five writers you surround yourself with. Who are your writing friends? Write them down.

The more writers you know, the higher the chances of success. Why? Knowing many writers will help you understand your industry. You will get to know other editors, agents, and publishers. The best way to meet new writers is attending conferences and networking events. Meet new friends online and exchange stories.

5. Impatience

Impatience is the killer of success not only in writing but also in life. Today, most people want to get rich overnight, fix their relationships with a pill and lose thirty pounds in a week. Instant gratification is everywhere.

Becoming a successful writer takes time. Building a reputation and earning trust takes time. Everything worthwhile in life takes time. In fact, it takes an average of seven years to achieve mastery in any field. Patience is the key to success.

Impatient people always make the wrong decisions because they never take the time to think and reflect. Do not be in a hurry to make a lot of money or build your writing career. Again, everything worthwhile takes time.

6. Reading Good Books Only

Do not read a good book only. Read bad books. Why? Bad books guide you. They show you what does not work and what to avoid when writing. In fact, a bad book is just as good as a good book. It is difficult to learn using a good book because before you know it, you will have finished reading it and it will be difficult for you to list your takeaways.

You do not have to read a bad book from cover to cover. Read enough to learn what you should avoid.

Myassignment help writers are readers. The moment you stop reading books, you stop nurturing your mental faculties. As the saying goes, what you don’t use, you lose. Read books. And most importantly, take your time to reflect on what you read.

7. Working on Ghostwriting Assignments Alone

If you keep writing for other people, it will be almost impossible to build your writing career. Editors looking for new writers will always reach out to contributors with great publications. If you do not have any article under your name, you will lose many clients.

Again, you cannot list ghost-written publications on your website or LinkedIn. Without any publication, it will be difficult for you to get hired.

Do not just sit there. Start a blog or a website right now. Start writing and publishing great articles.

8. Writing for Writers

Most writers write to please other writers. At the back of their minds, they know that other writers will read their work. But this is not the case. Majority of people who will read your work are readers. There are more readers than writers in the world.

Write to please your readers. Forget about your fellow writers. They have their own content to worry about. Know your audience inside out. Communicate with them to discover their preferences. Write to improve and make a contribution to their lives.


As a writer, it is important for you to keep these writing mistakes in mind to avoid wastage of time and money. Knowing these mistakes will save you heartbreaks and disappointments.

Do not be afraid to fail. Fail and learn from your mistakes. Take your time and reflect. Do not repeat the same mistakes. Repeating the same mistakes every time shows a lack of self-awareness.

Do not give up. Keep on keeping on. Remember, everything worthwhile takes time.


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