6 Ways Yoga And Creative Writing Complement Each Other

Yoga and creative writing are both positive outlets for your energy, but did you know they work well when combined together? Yoga and creative writing both are beneficial practices for your mind and body, and combine together well. Here are six ways yoga and creative writing complement each other.

They act as a release

Tension and stress build up over the course of a day and over a lifetime.Creative writing and yoga can both act as a release for the tension and stress that have accumulated in your mind and body. Together writing and yoga will provide a powerful combination of a relaxed body and a relieved mind.

They are unique to the practitioner

Everyone writes in their own style, and everyone does yoga in their own way.People have different reasons for writing, just as they have different reasons for doing yoga. “Physical limitations impact how someone does yoga, just as a person’s life experiences can limit what they write about. No two people will write the exact same story or journal entry, just as no two people will do a pose in the exact same manner”, – says Earl Derrico, a Psychology writer at Academ Advisor and AustralianReviewer tutor.

Both can help you avoid dwelling

Once you put your thoughts out onto a page, you can leave them there without dwelling on them anymore. When you practice yoga, your goal is to leave all your thoughts of worldly problems behind and focus on your breathing. Both practices give you a chance to clear your head of distractions. They can also complement one another. If you find yourself obsessing over some writing you are doing, then yoga can help you clear your mind of the obsession.

They are adventures

Yoga and creative writing are adventures. Both yoga and writing have a beginning, a middle, and an end. When writing, your character goes off to fantastic locations, and while doing yoga your ego may go off in many different directions. You may find the story you are writing going off in surprising directions, just as a yoga session may not go exactly as you planned. “Or sometimes your yoga may be as structured as a thoughtfully planned out journal entry you write.With both yoga and writing, you face your journey on your own, going your own route”, – says Gerald Cadwell, a Yoga Coach at Oxessays.

They are both workouts

When you do yoga, you exercise your body, just as writing exercises your mind. The more you engage in both, the better you become. Your ability and endurance increase when you practice yoga and writing regularly. You will find yourself able to write for longer, and at a higher quality, just as you become physically stronger and able to practice longer at yoga.

Important for your ideas

Once your mind becomes clear of distraction during your yoga session, you can focus on more important matters. Svadhyaya, or self study, can bring clarity and inspiration, both of which are great for writing. A good yoga session before writing is a recipe for clear and lucid creative writing.

Howto start combining and yoga and writing

Combining yoga and writing will benefit your mind and body. You will find you improve in both practices, as they complement one another. Your writing will improve as your yoga practice clears your mind and open sit to new ideas, providing inspiration. Your yoga will also improve,as your writing gives you an opportunity to reflect on how your sessions are going and how they can be improved. The two habits will form a positive feedback loop and will continue to influence one another. Here are some resources to help you along your way:

#1.ViaWriting and Academized- These are useful tools that will help you practice free writing.

#2.DoYouYoga- Check out this resource for lots of yoga tips and lessons. This resource will provide you with plenty of ideas and inspiration for your writing.

#3.Paper Fellows and StateOfWriting – These are helpful guides for creative writing.

#4.YogaChicago– This is a helpful article about how yoga can inspire creative writing. Very interesting and informative read about the fascinating connection between the two practices.

#5.Elite Assignment Help – This is a useful resource with helpful tips about journaling, recommended by Revieweal.

#6.YogaInternational- This is a helpful article about the benefits of combining creative writing and yoga.

#7.Study Demic and Essay Writer – Check out these resources full of writing and editing tools for creative writers, recommended by Best British Essays.

#8.My Writing Way and Big Assignments – Resource for creative writing assistance


You can improve your mental and physical health through creative writing and yoga. You’ll find you benefit even more from combining the two,because they complement each other. Both practices act as a release,are adventures, are unique to the practitioner, help you avoid dwelling and obsessing, workout your mind or body, and are important for your ideas. Combine yoga and creative writing, and experience improvement in both these beneficial activities.


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Written by Freddie Tubbs

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