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5 Tips to Drive Away Loneliness

1. One way to drive away your loneliness is to close your eyes and start breathing after some small preparations. Sit in a corner of your home or garden where you feel at ease and without any interruption. If you like, get going a few incense sticks. Close your eyes slowly in a phased manner and sit cross-legged with knees bend to some extent.

2. Start breathing little by little through both your nostrils. You should notice, as the fresh air enters your nostrils, it expands within and you feel better. You can get the air through the mouth or nose. Do it slowly and putting a lot of consciousness, three to a maximum of ten times to avoid hyperventilating.

3. Treat yourself as a child. A good thing is to talk to yourself internally, as if inside you there was another person. Well, in this case this person will be your inner child. If not, it’s a good time to start practicing. You will be the one to make you feel good. If you are happy, you can speak freely and without reproach of any kind, make others laugh. You will be responsible for all your actions.

4. First greet that inner person. If he does not answer, ask what happened, what the problem is, why he is sad, whether he feels like having dinner or want to play. You must treat him with the utmost tenderness and understanding. If he is in trouble, be patient, he is a child. You’ll be surprised what he can tell you.

5. Take pleasure in drawing something. Take your time. Make something special (but affordable for your difficulty level) recipe for the most special, or person, that is, you. Play some soft music. Give yourself a glass of drink and add the ingredients quietly enjoying every cut you make.


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