5 Things That Made My Life Whole Lot of Better

“Breathing” and “Actually Living” are two entirely different concepts. Once we understand this, we start to make our life worthwhile and start doing things that makes us feel alive. That’s what happened to me two years ago. I left my job, used my skills to get some gigs and earn myself a living, made time to pursue my hobbies, and started doing more fun things that I could actually imagine. All of a sudden, my life started to feel like a beautiful journey that I never wish to end. Today, I am going to share 5 things that brought me to this level of contentment.

1. Leaving My Job

Leaving my 9-to-6 job is probably the best thing I ever did to myself. I remember how frustrated I was most of the days while I was working. Reporting, meetings, deadlines, targets – this was all that ran through my mind even when I was at home. I started to feel stressed out. My work environment was very unhealthy where you were given far-fetched targets to make sure you exhaust yourself out to meet them. I remember how many times I stayed late nights at office to meet certain deadlines. I was mindfully jeopardizing my mental as well as physical well-being. Then I decided to leave the job and luckily I had some savings to back me up while I find another way to use my skills and make a living. Now I run a home improvement blog and I am extremely satisfied with what I do. I am making a living while totally cherishing my life. And I have a lot of spare time to chase my other dreams.

2. Started Meditating

Honestly, I never thought I needed meditation until I attended two meditation sessions organized in my gym. I swear I have never felt so good before. Meditation takes effect from the very moment you complete your session. It brings an ultimate sense of calm and absolute bliss in your life. Your perspective about life changes with meditation. You start feeling more positive and more grateful. You become mindful and start celebrating life like it’s a festival. Trust me, no matter you need it or not, you should add a 15-minute yoga or meditation session in your routine and see the effect for yourself. Fifteen minutes won’t hurt, right?

3. Reading Books

I always wanted to read books. Call it a peer pressure or a deep-buried desire, there were always the voices in my head telling me I should start reading. After leaving my job, I finally got myself a collection of books and started reading. Here’s what I experienced: reading books make you smart, wise, intellectual, intelligent, and sensible. You start understanding people and how their journey is different from yours. You stop judging people based on their decisions because you know that you don’t what triggered them to make a certain decision about their life. You start feeling that everybody’s journey is beautiful once you start embracing their vision about life.

4. Laugh More

Whenever I feel worried or stressed out because of some things in life, I started watching comedy shows, stand ups, and more to laugh. Trust me, there’s nothing a good laughter can’t fix. I am fixing all my worries my laughing out loud and it is working great for me. I feel happier most of the times and I feel like there is nothing I can’t get through. There’s always a hope.

5. Be Kind & Do Good

Kind – Probably the best thing you can be today. I can’t emphasize it enough – BE KIND. People around you need it. These are the desperate times. There are very less people who feel happy for you, for your success, and for your achievements. People are afraid that they have nobody to share their successes or failures with. Be a good person and show kindness to every person you meet. Smile at people when they pass by. It never hurts. Do good for the people who can never pay you back. That would be most selfless you’ve ever been. And it feels great and helps you sleep at night even if you have a lot of other troubles on your plate.

These were 5 best things happened in my life. It’s not important that all of these things will give you the happiness. Maybe you love your job and maybe you don’t like reading books. It’s okay. All I meant to say that chase your happiness no matter what. When you’re happy, everything starts falling into the place no matter what problems you’re dealing with. Happiness is paramount and I hope you remember that in your toughest times.


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Written by Roger

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