5 small changes that will make a big difference in your mood

The only difference between a good day and a bad day it’s your attitude. That’s why one should stay positive! 

As we face a great number of challenges in our every day life, sometimes it seems difficult to switch mood. Difficult does not mean impossible though. Start from the smallest things you consider unimportant and tell me later it didn’t work!!

1. A single smile

Give yourself a big smile every day, just because is a gift from you to you. Just because you deserve it! At the beginning it might seem silly to you but at the end you won’t go a day without giving that little gift to you that does not cost a thing!

2. Changes in the diet

Change even the minor thing possible in your every day diet. Drink more water or skip the unhealthy ingredient you use daily. Change whatever you think you are gonna be happy with!

3. Work on your curiosity

Even in the darkest moments there’s always something that could call your attention and wake up your curiosity. Maybe out of a sudden you want to know who won the World Cup? Or you want to read a “bad book” that’s not worth your time? Don’t judge yourself and, of course, no one has to know it but you!

4. Make the nights as comfortable as possible

This does not mean to allow yourself to sleep as much as you can or want. If you have problem with your mood the chances are you are going to face difficulties with your sleep. But you can always look at the positive aspects of it and try to solve the problem. Find a better pillow or simply jump from your bed and do something different. Sleepless nights are not meant for suffering! Invite yourself a glass of wine or a delicious snack. After all you deserve it!

5. Develop goodness towards yourself

You always know what you have to do but the hate you feel towards yourself for not doing so ends up destroying your mood. It’s high time you started being tolerant with yourself and that’s where the change begins to occur. Make yourself a cup of tea. Go for a walk. Watch a good film or simply be more tolerant with yourself by not expecting too much or at least not all at once!


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