5 Creative Ways to Use Student Blogs

Creativity is in each of us, from artist to businessman. How deeply we can immerse ourselves and how widely we unleash our potential depends on us alone. If you have ideas or experiences that you want to share with others, then your own blog can be a creative outlet as well as a source of profit for you. From a fashionable hobby, blogging has grown into a profession, while bloggers have become influencers, i.e. authoritative personalities who influence public opinion.

Students often become blog authors, as they usually have some free time as well as energy to handle such an undertaking. Most of them end up using their blog in various creative ways, which we will pay tribute to today.

What is Blogging All About?

With the advent of the Internet, everyone can become a media personality, regardless of the place of residence, education, and profession. Journalist, writer, marketer, and educator – nowadays all these roles can be combined into a blogging profession. The main tool of bloggers is their web page. 

Among the main tasks of the blog are the following:

  • Content creation. This is the most important part of a blogger’s job. You can publish photos, texts, videos, and audio recordings. Your blog is only as  good as your content, so as a student you need to find a lot of time to write. If you need some academic help you can hire top essay writers who can take over your assignments as you fill your blog with awesome content.
  • Posting. To maintain interest in your page among subscribers, you need to systematically post new entries and understand the basics of working with your chosen CMS.
  • Monetization. To make money, bloggers need to understand how SMM works, and stay on top of posting paid publications, reviewing incoming offers, and handling collaboration.

Modern Ways to Blog

The first thing you need to decide is the format of information shared on your blog. When choosing a blog format, consider your goals, topic, and target audience. You can combine several blogging formats, for example, by using both photos with text, or by posting a microblog link to your blog. However, the following blogging formats are the most common:

  • Photo blog. If you know how to create beautiful photos and drawings, have your original vision, and enjoy using Photoshop, then this type of blogging is for you. This way of presenting content is suitable for promoting fashion brands, travel channels, or pages with your creativity. This is just a way of using your student blog to make some extra money, or even possibly create a name for yourself.
  • Textual blog. This format is reminiscent of traditional journalism, but in contrast, in blog articles, the author not only describes facts and events but gives them a subjective assessment. 
  • Vlog. Most often, video bloggers run their channels on YouTube or TikTok, receiving feedback from viewers in the form of likes, dislikes, subscriptions, and comments. Video bloggers can make videos, online broadcasts (streams), and videos.
  • Microblog. It is suitable for those who prefer conciseness. This format involves short publications in the form of notes, next to which you can place links or media files. Twitter is considered to be the most popular microblogging platform, but Facebook is also used. 

Creative and Popular Student Blog Uses

Let’s say that you started to inconsistently post some bits and bobs throughout your student years, but somehow got a decent following. This may make you want to pursue blogging further and turn your web resource into something special. Here are some routes you can consider, depending on your expertise, profession, and interests.

  1. Start a vagabond way of life. Travel bloggers are dedicated to travel to different countries and cities. It is important when running such a blog not only to share their impressions of travel, but also to provide travel hacks. Blog subscribers are interested in where and how they can have fun and explore at minimal cost, and you can help them narrow it down. If you enjoy moving around and exploring, your blog can help you live off of that dream! 
  2. Become a pro makeup artist. Beauty bloggers are dedicated to self-care, cosmetics, and makeup. They review various products, provide their services, or even get engaged with movie or TV series production by working as a makeup artist on set. If you like beauty and makeup, you can turn your blog into a canvas for your creations and take it in many different professional directions.
  3. Live a foodie’s dream. The creators of food blogs try different foods. They present in their ideas on nutrition, share experiences on different restaurants, travel and sample local cuisines, offer recipes for home cooking, etc. If this sounds tempting to you, you can easily use your student blog as a platform for your gastronomic adventures.
  4. Start an online book club. Nowadays, everyone strives to rediscover their love for reading, and you can help them do so. Book bloggers read a lot. They express their thoughts and feelings about the books and post various literature reviews. If you like reading, it’s a direction your blog can certainly explore.
  5. Showcase your style. Fashion blogs are about fashion and style. Their authors publish reviews of new collections from different designers, teach combining different items and colors, tell what clothes to choose for a particular body type, etc. Such bloggers attend all kinds of fashion shows. If you are interested in fashion, your blog can be a platform where you share your knowledge, review new fashion releases, or even collaborate with designers. This can bring you everything – recognition, money and new opportunities alike, so it’s a great use for your student blog.

If you still don’t know what direction to choose, read some student blogs online and get inspired.

It Depends on Your Imagination

When deciding to become a blogger, it is important to be prepared for the fact that at first, you will have to spend a lot of time on the blog. Bloggers are constantly testing something, talking about the results of their work, as well as answering subscribers’ questions. Gradually, the growing popularity gives opportunities for growth – you just need to find your niche, work on your resource, and success will surely follow.


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