4 Reasons to Opt for Pallet Management

Pallets are a small but significant part of any supply chain. These are the warriors on the backs of which ride all the goods from one place to another or are even stored. The handling of pallets has a major impact on the final sale of goods owing to the crucial role they play in the movement and storage of goods. Unfortunately, the logistics departments are usually excessively burdened with the deadline, delays, and arrivals. So, it makes sense if the supervision of pallets is also put onto their shoulders, things are going to get out of order. So, what is the solution for manufacturers? Well, the convenience of outsourcing pallet management. If manufacturers are still on the fence about the idea, then here are 5 genuine advantages of pallet management that will guide them to make an informed decision.

1.) Reduced Associated Cost

Yes, wooden pallets are seemingly cheap and seem like a good investment for manufacturing brands, right? Well, think about the cost of repair when they chip, the cost, and space one would need to store the empty pallets. Think plastic pallets will make it easier? Plastics are strong but are not unbreakable. Industries dealing with perishable goods and items vulnerable to contamination have to go the extra mile to get the pallets sanitized. All of this not only shoots up the associated price of owning one’s own pallets but also has the potential to increase the number of employees on the brand’s payroll. Thus, outsourcing pallet management is the most cost-effective option for most brands.

2.) Consistent, Reliable Supply

Say a manufacturer owns a certain number of pallets for storing and transporting goods all year round. Now, every business has its ups and downs. So, when the peak season arrives, will their existing numbers of pallets suffice their production? Or, when the production dips, are they ready to spend their coins and time on the care of their pallets that are not in use? When brands collaborate with a reliable pallet management company, it offers them the liberty to order only the precise number of pallets they require regularly tailored to their production needs.

3.) Well-maintained Pallets

When one rents pallets from the right company, they will receive them in the best condition. Pallets, especially those built out of timber, are quite high maintenance. They can often splinter under pressure; the nails holding them together can pop out and cut into flesh and metal with easing making them a severe workplace hazard. Pallet management companies concentrate their focus not only on the prompt supply of pallets to their customers but also its maintenance. And why just blame the wooden pallets, which by the way, is a super cost-effective and eco-friendly option, plastic pallets are not too far when it comes to maintenance. Those that cannot be repaired or used anymore cannot just be tossed into the bin or landfill. They need to be recycled responsibly, and a pallet management does it with diligence, so their customer does not have to go through the hassle of the process.

4.) Huge Variety

One will be surprised to find out the variety of pallets that are required in a manufacturing facility. Some benefit from the classic wooden ones, while plastic pallets are lightweight and durable. There are cages for storage, crates for fresh produce, and many more. These pallet management companies also offer a range of pallet accessories like lids and collars to make them even more efficient for use. They not only provide these varied items on rent but also guide new manufacturers in what kind of pallet will suit their needs the best.

So, keeping all these in mind, we believe there is no better alternative than opting for pallet management services for any growing or established business.

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Written by Marta Jordan

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