4.6.20 Lockdown Insights

Monday, April 6, 2020

Pouring rain continues in southern Cali since Saturday night.

The Mayor of LA—Garcetti—encourages people to snitch on their neighbors. The mayor of LA is trying to divide people. WHO is funded by US Zionist Govt and Bill Gates. They are now going after families, taking them elsewhere, as well as taking away people’s cats. FEMA Camps? They are blaming bats, monkeys and cats for coronavirus, now.

Do your own research about topics, and look at both sides, from different sources. Notice inconsistencies as you compare information.

August 11th, something will happen; everything will blow up around September 10th and 11th until the rest of the year.

Tuesday is Full Moon night. I don’t understand astrology. I just know I was born under Leo sign. Leo is OK but lonely. True, I need to go out, such as meetup groups. I am likely to hang out in Virtual Reality groups for now.

More information will come in 18 days or weeks about what is going on currently.

Pile 1: turmeric is clearing stuff out of your life. Clear toxicity out of your life, which involves spiritual religious challenges. You will experience spiritual growth. Vulnerable to another person, and showing your vulnerability to the right person. Simple Love involves a friendship. True clearing during the full moon on Tuesday, April 7th, which will help you move forward. You have a purpose, but a weakness in acting in a certain way. You had a toxic childhood, and you need to let go of the toxic patterns.

Pile 2: is your judgment making you sick? You are beginning to understand something. Judgment is getting in your way of making money. You are moving in the direction of accomplish your goals because you are taking risks. You need to lead others. You will reap benefits. You are afraid of letting of old emotions and judgment. Then, move forward with taking risks.

Pile 3: digestive issues due to emotional issues. Open eyes and see things clearly. Then, allow information to flow in naturally. Step into who you are and into your own power. Someone is raining on your parade. You could be pregnant. You need to trust yourself.


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