15 Secrets To Living Your Best Life

Many of us fumble through life hoping to achieve our destiny. For some, life falls into place effortlessly while for others it takes a lot of soul-searching and experimentation in order to find the life we can become passionate about.

There are many of us who believe our best lives may be attained through education, being in the right cliques or aligning with companies who can take our careers to great heights.

For a while, this type of thinking may prove successful for us but if our hearts are not fully engrossed into our endeavors, the universe will conspire in order to make us aware that we are traveling in the wrong direction towards our goals and dreams.

The pundits have all declared that one can never journey too far making it impossible to turnaround. At any time in our lives, we can make a change. Here are a few tips to finding the secrets of living your best life.

  1. Think about your dreams and make small steps towards them.
  2. Visualize your dreams-Visualization leads to manifestation.
  3. In order to live your dream, you must find your passion and make it a career.
  4. Determine what your mission and purpose are in life.
  5. Examine all your beliefs-Examine what you hear, think and believe to be true. During introspection, we realize nothing is written in stone or is what it appears to be. Belief systems change and thoughts change.
  6. Pray often. It is through prayer and reflection that we develop spiritual awareness and our intuition.
  7. Release Regretful Thinking-Confront issues which create feelings of remorse, then forgive yourself and others. Forgive the persons who may have hurt you in order to forgive yourself for making the mistakes. Create your own sense of closure.
  8. Learn the lessons life tries to teach you. Once the lessons are learned you will not make the same mistakes again.
  9. Treat others with kindness and consideration.
  10. Motivate yourself to keep inspired. Recite positive affirmations.
  11. Detach from outcomes, know that what God has planned for you will always be yours.
  12. Reflect on death as much as life because living teaches us how to die. We have to remember no one gets out of this world alive.
  13. Learn to love self and others deeply.
  14. Love only those who show they genuinely love and care for you.
  15. Live with a legacy in mind-Decide what you want to be remembered for or what your gift will be to the world.

There are no definitive answers for finding happiness in life or any direct routes to mapping out your best life. However the one fact we can be sure of is if we live a purpose-filled and driven life, boredom will never overtake us and ultimately we can make a difference in the world.

Happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction are only found after we discover our dharma in this life.


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