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Leigh Kemp


Built in the fifties, original and unrestored with some parts still in working order 🙂 and living in London UK I am a self-taught photographer and digital artist. My late mother was very artistic and my father’s very musical so it’s perhaps no surprise that my interest has always been in the arts and music.I think that creating a piece of art is like experimental cooking, add a pinch of this, a dash of that, until one is satisfied with the result. I don’t think that I have a particular “style”. I love experimentation and like to switch subjects and techniques and every work is different in its way.

If I have any style at all it is that I have a fascination with producing “painterly” works. Landscapes and portraits are probably my favourite subjects and I love to travel whenever I get the opportunity to do so. I am a “one man band”, apart from my artwork I design and manage all my own marketing and promotional materials for my website, blogs and social media pages. 2015 was a very tough year trying to get established and promote my art and I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. I am extremely tenacious and passionate about my art and I won’t be beaten so I’m looking forward optimistically to whatever challenges the future has in store.

I really like monochrome, it was mostly all I could afford back in my film days as it was cheaper to buy and process and I grew up with black and white television and newspapers so it didn’t seem strange to me at all. A friend said to me once that he couldn’t understand why anyone would work in black and white well here’s my take on it. It removes a layer of information (colour) and I think it concentrates the eye on other aspects such as subject, geometry, perspective and composition.

I think the thing that I’ve learned the most is that my work doesn’t really fit easily in any ready made pigeon holes. If I describe myself as an artist then a lot of people’s expectations are that I carry brushes and and an easel around with me on my travels. If I describe my work as Fine Art Photography then people expect pure unadulterated photography. I guess I like to blur these preconceived lines and do whatever takes my fancy in whatever style that I wish. Maybe my work falls between two stools so as to speak but it’s what drives me on.I try to frequently update this page with my latest work, news and events so please check back regularly. ).

Discount Coupons & Limited Time promotions: 15% discount on all orders on Pixel.com for my work until 1st January 2018. Use discount coupon code XLXDEN at the checkout.Please check out my Limited Time “Promos” Page on my website for my current special price stretched canvas print promotions.

NEWS UPDATE SPRING 2017 I’ve launched a range of stylish coffee mugs featuring my work. The mugs are available in two sizes, small (11 oz.) and large (15 oz.) through my shop at Pixels.com. Please note all my merchandise is supplied by an American-based company and prices may vary slightly with international exchange rate, see the website for current pricing.

I am also a member of the Royal Photographic Society my profile page is –  http://www.rps.org/member/profile/leigh-kemp

I have also added a new Virtual Gallery page to my website. – http://www.leighkempphotoart.co.uk/retrospective and my portfolio page is here – http://www.leighkempphotoart.co.uk/portfolio

My most recent ventures include a the launch of a new online virtual gallery “Blue Skies and Far Away Eyes” https://www.virtualgallery.com/galleries/leigh_kemp_a14490717/blue_skies_and_far_away_eyes___malta_and_rome_s12302  and publication of two photo book collections of my works:

“Photo Art by Leigh Kemp”
Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm22 Pages ISBN Hardcover, Dust Jacket: 9781389673771

“I can’t paint!”
Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm32 Pages ISBN Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9781389614729


and also an e-book version of the above for Amazon Kindle Fire® and Android devices


plus a version for Apple iPad® and MAC computers


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